Rockets and Spaceships

Recently my little boy has become obsessed with spaceships, we were walking past a building site one day when he spotted a silo and proceeded to shout spaceship at me until I worked out what he was pointing at. Also we parked in a multi-storey car park, which was… yep you guessed it another spaceship, you gotta love the imagination of kids!

After looking for a book suitable for toddlers all about rockets and space in Waterstones we found nothing so looked on Amazon, again nothing. I decided that I would not write a book as I’m not great at writing, but make him his very own spaceship soft toy. He loves it and spends quite a bit of time playing ‘Blast Off!’ šŸ™‚

Anyway it wasn’t hard to do, and I quickly found a pattern which saved me creating one from scratch. I followed this tutorial complete with downloadable pattern omitting the pouch for the astronaut, and just used some scraps of material that I happened to have lying around. All in all it probably only took about aĀ half hour, which was handy as it interrupted the shorts I am in the middle of making (tutorial to follow).


I’m pretty pleased with the results, however if I had to do it again I would probably have switched the cardboard inserts in the wings for maybe some heavy duty interfacing or perhaps some plastic canvas as then it could be put through the washing machine.


Car Journeys

Anyone with children will know that they do not always take well to car journeys, they all have their thresholds as to how long they can stick being sat in the same position with not an awful lot to do. My little boy’s personal threshold is about 20-30mins; which is fine when we’re just driving locally, but when we wanted to go and see a friend in Bristol (about 1hr15mins) this weekend I knew we might encounter some problems. So turning to Pinterest for a little inspiration I came across a ‘car caddy’. It looked like it might be the solution and not all that difficult to make so I set about making one. I didn’t need a tutorial for this as I had my vision based on the different types I hadĀ seen on Pinterest.

I will share with you how I decide to make my version of the ‘car caddy’.

I started with a piece of fabric, folded overĀ and ironed in some interfacing as I wanted the end product to have some stiffness to it, without this I didn’t feel he would be able to play with it as it would just fall through his lap when any pressure was applied with his toy cars.


I also sewed this in for extra support.

Next I wanted to add the pockets or ‘garages’ for the cars, so took a piece of fabric and sewed this to the bottom of my existing piece, then it was a case of figuring out how many pockets I could fit across the length without making them too big or small 5 worked out lovely in this case.

Then of course we needed a road, so I found out an old pair of black jeans that I knew would have a purpose someday. Cutting the leg in half and trimming to size this could now also be sewn in place.


Now to add some finishing touches and neaten the edges. I used some selvedge for my white lines, and put bias binding round the edges to stop the fabric from catching and snagging.


The results are not too bad and Ethan loved it, kept him quiet/amused the whole journey.